• ANTH3160 – Anthropology of Religion, Fall 2005
    This course presents a theoretical analysis of religion as a cultural phenomenon. It explores the fu
  • ANTH1010 – Cultural Anthropology, Fall 2004
    This course covers the basic areas of anthropology including biological evolution, the prehistoric e
  • 21A.100 Introduction to Anthropology, Fall 2004
    This class introduces students to the methods and perspectives of cultural anthropology. Readings em
  • 21A.110 Anthropological Theory, Spring 2003
    This course introduces students to some of the major social theories and debates that inspire and in
  • 21A.112 Seminar in Ethnography and Fieldwork, Fall 2003
    This course involves reading about how to do fieldwork, practicing fieldwork, reading ethnographies
  • 21A.211 Magic, Witchcraft, and the Spirit World, Fall 2003
    Spiritual, magical, and \”occult\” aspects of human behavior in anthropological and historical persp
  • 21A.212 Myth, Ritual, and Symbolism, Spring 2004
    Human beings are symbol-making as well as tool-making animals. We understand our world and shape our
  • 21A.215 Medical Anthropology, Fall 2004
    This course looks at medicine from a cross-cultural perspective, focusing on the human, as opposed t
  • 21A.217 Anthropology of War and Peace, Fall 2004
    This class has been reorganized to focus primarily on the War in Iraq. As in previous years, the cla
  • 21A.226 Ethnic and National Identity, Spring 2005
    This course is an introduction to the cross-cultural study of ethnic and national identity. We exami
  • 21A.240 Race and Science, Spring 2004
    This course examines one of the most enduring and influential forms of identity and experience in th
  • 21A.260 Culture, Embodiment and the Senses, Fall 2005
    Culture, Embodiment, and the Senses will provide an historical and cross-cultural analysis of the po
  • 21A.336 Marketing, Microchips and McDonalds: Debating Globalization, Spring 2004
    Everyday we are bombarded with the word \”global\” and encouraged to see globalization as the quinte
  • 21A.342 Environmental Struggles, Fall 2004
    This class explores the interrelationship between humans and natural environments. It does so by foc
  • 21A.348 Photography and Truth, Spring 2005
    Photographs in anthropology serve many purposes: as primary data, illustrations of words in a book,
  • 21A.441 The Conquest of America, Spring 2004
    In this course the conquest and colonization of the Americas is considered, with special attention t
  • 21A.453 Anthropology of the Middle East, Spring 2004
    This course examines traditional performances of the Arabic-speaking populations of the Middle East