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  • 4.101 Experiencing Architecture Studio, Spring 2003
    This course uses scale models to design environments that orchestrate contrasting material propertie
  • 4.104 Architecture Studio: Intentions, Spring 2005
    This is the second undergraduate design studio. It introduces a full range of architectural ideas an
  • 4.104 Architectural Design: Intentions, Spring 2004
    This is the second undergraduate design studio. It introduces a full range of architectural ideas an
  • 4.107 MArch Portfolio Seminar, Fall 2003
    The aim of the Portfolio Seminar is to assist in developing a critical position in relationship to t
  • 4.123 Architectural Design, Level I: Perceptions and Processes, Fall 2003
    This studio explores the notion of in-between by engaging several relationships; the relationship be
  • 4.125A Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes, Fall 2005
    This subject introduces skills needed to build within a landscape establishing continuities between
  • 4.125 Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes, Fall 2002
    This subject introduces skills needed to build within a landscape establishing continuities between
  • 4.125B Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes, Fall 2005
    This subject introduces skills needed to build within a landscape establishing continuities between
  • 4.131B Architectural Design, Level II: Material and Tectonic Transformations: The Herreshoff Museum, Fall 2003
    This semester students are asked to transform the Hereshoff Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island, through
  • 4.131 Architectural Design, Level II: Material Essence: The Glass House, Fall 2003
    The theme that unites the Level II studios in the fall semester is a focus upon the \’making of arch
  • 4.143 Immaterial Limits: Process and Duration, Fall 2002
    This studio proposes to engage tectonics as a material process. By exploring transformation, indeter
  • 4.144 Architectural Design, Level II: New Orleans Studio, Spring 2006
    The project for this studio is to design a demonstration project for a site near the French Quarter
  • 4.155B Architectural Design, Level III: A Student Center for MIT, Fall 2004
    This studio will investigate the social, programmatic, tectonic and phenomenological performance and
  • 4.171 The Space Between Workshop, Fall 2004
    This workshop explores how designers might become as sensitive to space as they are to objects. Thro
  • 4.173 Digital Mock-Up Workshop, Spring 2004
    This is an advanced subject in computer modeling and CAD CAM fabrication in building large-scale pro
  • 4.175 Case Studies in City Form, Fall 2005
    This course serves as an introduction to urban form and design, focusing on the physical, historical
  • 4.181 Architectural Design Workshop – Rethinking Office Development, Spring 2003
    This is an interdisciplinary workshop, not a design workshop in the ordinary sense. It is certainly
  • 4.181 Architecture Design Workshop: Researching User Demand for Innovative Offices, Fall 2002
    The theme of this workshop is the design of the changing workplace. The objective of this workshop i
  • 4.183 Sustainable Design and Technology Research Workshop, Spring 2004
    This workshop investigates the current state of sustainability in regards to architecture, from the
  • 4.184 Architectural Design Workshops: Computational Design for Housing, Spring 2002
    An intensive nine day remote collaborative workshop involving MIT and Miyagi University in Japa
  • 4.184 Architectural Design Workshop: Collage – Method and Form, Spring 2004
    This class investigates the theory, method, and form of collage. It studies not only the histor
  • 4.195 Special Problems in Architectural Design, Spring 2005
    This class focuses on representation tools used by architects during the design process and attempts
  • 4.196 / 4.132 Architecture Design, Level II: Cuba Studio, Spring 2004
    This architectural studio will have one main project for the semester: to explore the issues su
  • 4.206 Introduction to Design Computing, Spring 2004
    This course will introduce students to architectural design and computation through the use of compu
  • 4.212 Design Fabrication, Spring 2003
    Design Fabrication is an introductory course in the field of advanced computing, prototyping and bui
  • 4.220 Urban Housing: Paris, London, New York, Fall 2004
    This class presents an analysis of the development of housing models and their urban implications in
  • 4.273 Introduction to Design Inquiry, Fall 2004
    This subject explores the varied nature and practice of computation in design. We will view computat
  • 4.273 Introduction to Design Inquiry, Fall 2001
    Introduction to Design Inquiry explores the nature and exercise of design intelligence. It aims to o
  • 4.285 Research Topics in Architecture: Citizen-Centered Design of Open Governance Systems, Fall 2002
    In this seminar, students will design and perfect a digital environment to house the activities of l
  • 4.296 Furniture Making, Spring 2005
    Furniture making is in many ways like bridge building, connections holding posts apart with spans to
  • 4.297 Special Problems in Architecture Studies, Fall 2000
    The course investigates e-Learning systems from a business, policy, technical and legal perspective.
  • 4.301 Introduction to the Visual Arts, Fall 2005
    This course is an introduction to artistic practice and aesthetic analysis through studio work and l
  • 4.302 BSAD Foundations in the Visual Arts, Fall 2003
    This class offers a foundation in the visual art practice and its critical analysis for beginning ar
  • 4.303 Dialogue in Art, Architecture, and Urbanism, Fall 2003
    In this class we will examine how the idea of the city has been \”translated\” by artists, architect
  • 4.322 Introduction to Sculpture, Fall 2003
    This class introduces fundamental issues in sculpture such as site, context, process, psychology and
  • 4.341 Introduction to Photography, Fall 2002
    This course combines practical instruction, field trips, group discussions, and individual reviews i
  • 4.343 Photography and Related Media, Fall 2002
    Subject combines practical instruction, readings, lectures, field trips, visiting artists, group dis
  • 4.351 Introduction to Video, Spring 2004
    This class serves as an introduction to video recording and editing, presenting video as a tool of p
  • 4.366 Advanced Projects in the Visual Arts: Personal Narrative, Spring 2004
    This advanced video class serves goes into greater depth on the topics covered in 4.351 , Introducti
  • 4.367 Studio Seminar in Public Art, Spring 2006
    How do we define Public Art? This course focuses on the production of projects for public places. Pu
  • 4.370 Interrogative Design Workshop, Fall 2005
    \”Parrhesia\” was an Athenian right to frank and open speaking, the right that, like the First Amend
  • 4.411 Building Technology Laboratory, Spring 2004
    In this class, concepts of building technology and experimental methods are studied, in class and in
  • 4.440 Basic Structural Theory, Spring 2003
    This course introduces the static behavior of structures and strength of materials. Topics covered i
  • 4.448 Analysis of Historic Structures, Fall 2004
    An analysis of historical structures is presented themed sections based around construction material
  • 4.461 Building Technology I: Materials and Construction, Fall 2004
    This course offers an introduction to the history, theory, and construction of basic structural syst
  • 4.462 / 4.441 Building Technologies II: Building Structural Systems I, Spring 2003
    This course serves as an introduction to the history, theory, and construction of basic structural s
  • 4.463 / 4.442 Building Technologies III: Building Structural Systems II, Fall 2002
    This course addresses advanced topics in structures, exterior envelopes and contemporary production
  • 4.463 Building Technology III: Building Structural Systems, Fall 2004
    This course addresses advanced structures, exterior envelopes and contemporary production technologi
  • 4.491 Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop, Fall 2004
    Inspired by the work of the architect Antoni Gaudi, this research workshop will explore three-dimens
  • 4.492 Daylighting, Fall 2004
    The course focuses on the use and optimization of daylight in buildings and on its complementarity t
  • 4.493 Natural Light in Design, January (IAP) 2005
    Today, computer-based simulations are becoming increasingly popular, especially when daylighting and
  • 4.493 Emergent Materials II, Spring 2005
    This course will focus on providing students with the tools needed to practice responsible architect
  • 4.500 Introduction to Design Computing, Spring 2006
    This course introduces students to architectural design and computation through the use of computer
  • 4.501 Architectural Construction and Computation, Fall 2005
    This class investigates the use of computers in architectural design and construction. It begins wit
  • 4.510 Digital Design Fabrication, Fall 2005
    This class serves as an introductory subject in advanced computing, rapid prototyping, and CAD/CAM f
  • 4.511 Digital Mock-Up Workshop, Spring 2006
    This is an advanced subject in computer modeling and CAD CAM fabrication, with a focus on building l
  • 4.520 / 4.521 Computational Design I: Theory and Applications, Fall 2005
    This class introduces design as a computational enterprise in which rules are developed to compose a
  • 4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture, Spring 2004
    This class provides an introduction to modern art and theories of modernism and postmodernism. It fo
  • 4.607 Thinking About Architecture: In History and At Present, Fall 2002
    This course studies the interrelationship of theory, history, and practice as it relates to architec
  • 4.614 Religious Architecture and Islamic Cultures, Fall 2002
    This course introduces the history of Islamic cultures through their most vibrant material signs: th
  • 4.615 The Architecture of Cairo, Spring 2002
    Cairo is the quintessential Islamic city. Founded in 634 at the strategic head of the Nile Delta, th
  • 4.638 Drawings & Numbers: Five Centuries of Digital Design, Fall 2002
    The aim of this course is to highlight some technical aspects of the classical tradition in architec
  • 4.645 Selected Topics in Architecture: Architecture from 1750 to the Present, Fall 2004
    This class is a general study of modern architecture as a response to important technological, cultu
  • 4.651 20th Century Art, Fall 2002
    Critical examination of major developments in European and American art during the past century. Sur
  • 4.661 Theory and Method in the Study of Architecture and Art, Fall 2002
    This seminar is open to graduate students, and is intended to offer a synoptic view of selected meth
  • 4.665 Contemporary Architecture and Critical Debate, Spring 2002
    This class, required of all Master of Architecture students, presents a critical review of works, th
  • 4.A21 Stories Without Words: Photographing the First Year, Fall 2005
    The transition from high school and home to college and a new living environment can be a fascinatin