Comparative Media Studies

  • 21A.337J / CMS.917J Documenting Culture, Spring 2004
    How X and why X do people seek to capture everyday life on film? What can we l
  • CMS.610 / CMS.922 Media Industries and Systems, Spring 2006
    This course examines the interplay of art, science, and commerce shaping the production, marketing,
  • CMS.801 Media in Transition, Fall 2004
    This course centers on historical eras in which the form and function of media technologies were rad
  • CMS.876 History of Media and Technology, Spring 2005
    History of Media and Technology addresses the mutually influential histories of communications media
  • CMS.876 History of Media and Technology: Sound, the Minority Report — Radical Music of the Past 100 Years, Spring 2006
    This course looks at the history of avant-garde and electronic music from the early twentieth centur
  • CMS.950 Workshop I, Fall 2005
    This course fulfills the first half of the Comparative Media Studies workshop sequence requirement f