Foreign Languages and Literatures

  • CMS.930 / 21F.034 Media, Education, and the Marketplace, Fall 2001
    How can we harness the emerging forms of interactive media to enhance the learning process? Professo
  • 21F.013 Out of Ground Zero: Catastrophe and Memory, Fall 2005
    Within twenty-four hours of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 politicians,
  • 21F.017 Germany and its European Context, Fall 2002
    This course focuses on main currents in contemporary German literary and visual culture. Taking
  • 21F.019 / 21F.021 Communicating Across Cultures, Spring 2005
    It has become commonplace knowledge that globalization is one of the major forces shaping our world.
  • 21F.030 East Asian Cultures: From Zen to Pop, Fall 2002
    The course examines various aspects of culture in both pre-modern and modern East Asia, ranging from
  • 21F.031J / 4.608J Topics in the Avant-Garde in Literature and Cinema, Spring 2003
    21F.031 examines the terms \”avant garde\” and \”Kulturindustrie\” in French and German culture of t
  • 21F.034 / CMS.930 Media Education and the Marketplace, Fall 2005
    This instance of \”Media, Education, and the Marketplace\” focuses on the rise of information and co
  • 21F.035 / 21F.037 Topics in Culture and Globalization, Fall 2003
    The concept of globalization fosters the understanding of the interconnectedness of cultures and soc
  • 21F.039 / 21F.037 Japanese Popular Culture, Spring 2003
    This course examines Japanese popular culture as a way of understanding the changing character of me
  • 21F.040 A Passage to India: Introduction to Modern Indian Culture and Society, Spring 2005
    This course introduces students to Indian Culture through films, short-stories, novels, essays, and
  • 21F.041 Topics in South Asian Literature and Culture, Fall 2004
    This subject aims to provide an overview of contemporary texts in regional languages in South Asian
  • 21F.044 Traditional Chinese Literature: Poetry, Fiction and Drama, Fall 2002
    Introduction to some of the major genres of traditional Chinese poetry, fiction, and drama. Intended
  • 21F.056 Visual Histories: German Cinema 1945 to Present, Fall 2003
    This course is an invitation to German film-making since the end of the Second World War. We investi
  • 21F.059 Paradigms of European Thought and Culture, Fall 2003
    This subject surveys the main currents of European cultural and intellectual history in the modern p
  • 21F.061 Advanced Topics: Plotting Terror in European Culture, Spring 2004
    This interdisciplinary course surveys modern European culture to disclose the alignment of literatur
  • 21F.101 / 21F.151 Chinese I (Regular), Spring 2006
    This subject is the first semester of two that form an introduction to modern standard Chinese, comm
  • 21F.102 / 21F.152 Chinese II (Regular), Spring 2006
    This subject is the second semester of two that form an introduction to modern standard Chinese, com
  • 21F.103 Chinese III (Regular), Fall 2005
    This is the third of the four courses (Chinese I through IV) in MIT\’s regular (non-streamlined) Chi
  • 21F.103 Chinese III (Regular), Fall 2003
    This course is designed to consolidate the foundation built in Elementary Chinese and continue devel
  • 21F.104 Chinese IV (Regular), Spring 2004
    This is the continuing instruction in spoken and written Chinese, with particular emphasis on consol
  • 21F.105 Chinese V (Regular): Chinese Cultures & Society, Fall 2003
    This course is the continuation of 21F104/108. It is designed to further help students develop sophi
  • 21F.106 Chinese VI (Regular): Discovering Chinese Cultures and Societies, Spring 2003
    This course is the continuation of 21F105. It is designed to further help students develop soph
  • 21F.107 / 21F.157 Chinese I (Streamlined), Fall 2005
    This course, along with 21F.108/158 offered in the spring, form the elementary level of the streamli
  • 21F.108 / 21F.158 Chinese II (Streamlined), Spring 2006
    This course, along with 21F.107 / 21F.157 Chinese I (Streamlined) offered in the previous fall, form
  • 21F.109 Chinese III (Streamlined), Fall 2005
    This course is the intermediate level of the streamlined curriculum, which is intended for students
  • 21F.110 Chinese IV (Streamlined), Spring 2004
    This is the second semester of the intermediate level sequence intended for students whose conversat
  • 21F.114 Chinese VI (Streamlined), Spring 2005
    This course is a sequel to 21F.113 Chinese V (Streamlined). It is designed to further help students
  • 21F.213 / 21F.214 High-Intermediate Academic Communication, Spring 2004
    The goal of this course is to review grammar and develop vocabulary building strategies to refine or
  • 21F.222 Expository Writing for Bilingual Students, Fall 2002
    The purpose of this course is to develop your writing skills so that you can feel confident writing
  • 21F.223 / 21F.224 Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation, Fall 2004
    This course is designed for high-intermediate ESL students who need to develop better listening comp
  • 21F.225 / 21F.226 Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering: ESL, Spring 2003
    This workshop is designed to help advanced students of ESL and bilingual students to write clearly,
  • 21F.301 / 21F.351 French I, Fall 2004
    21F.301/351 offers an introduction to the French language and culture with an emphasis on the acquis
  • 21F.302 / 21F.352 French II, Fall 2004
    21F.302/352 is the second part of an introductory course to the French language and culture with an
  • 21F.311 / 21F.312 Introduction to French Culture, Fall 2004
    Ce cours est une introduction à la culture et la société françaises depu
  • 21F.401 German I, Fall 2003
    Introduction to German language and culture. Acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical concepts thro
  • 21F.402 / 21F.452 German II, Spring 2005
    In this course students are exposed to history and culture of German-speaking countries through audi
  • 21F.403 German III, Spring 2004
    This course expands skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Students develop analytic a
  • 21F.404 German IV, Spring 2005
    This course focuses on development of interpretive skills, using literary texts (B. Brecht, S. Zweig
  • 21F.405 Germany Today: Intensive Study of German Language & Culture, January (IAP) 2005
    Prepares students for working and living in German-speaking countries. Focus on current political, s
  • 21F.414 German Culture, Media, and Society, Fall 2004
    Dieser Kurs beleuchtet schwerpunktartig das neue Selbstbewusstsein von Minoritäten in Deutschla
  • 21F.501 Beginning Japanese I, Fall 2004
    This course covers Lessons 1 through 6 from Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1 (by Eleanor H
  • 21F.502 Beginning Japanese II, Spring 2005
    This course covers Lessons 7-12A of JSL (Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1, by Eleanor H. Jorden
  • 21F.503 Intermediate Japanese I, Fall 2004
    This course covers JSL (Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1, by Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda,
  • 21F.505 Advanced Japanese I, Fall 2005
    This course covers lessons 22 through 27 of Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor H. Jordan with
  • 21F.506 Advanced Japanese II, Spring 2005
    This course covers Lessons 27 through 30 of Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor H. Jordan with
  • 21F.701 / 21F.751 Spanish 1, Fall 2003
    Spanish I is very different from other classes at MIT. The central component of the text and workboo
  • 21F.702 / 21F.752 Spanish 2, Spring 2004
    Spanish II continues to develop students\’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using the
  • 21F.703 Spanish III, Spring 2006
    This course is the first intermediate-level course in Spanish, with a focus on grammar review, addit
  • 21F.704 Spanish 4, Spring 2005
    Spanish IV aims at developing and improving student\’s oral and written communication through the co
  • 21F.705 Oral Communication in Spanish, Spring 2004
    A second-year intermediate course that includes vocabulary enhancement and limited review of selecte
  • 21F.711 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition: Perspectives on Technology and Culture, Spring 2005
    En este curso el estudiante perfeccionará su comunicación oral y escrita mediante el e
  • 21F.712 Spanish Conversation and Composition, Fall 2003
    A third-year intermediate course designed to improve speaking and writing, with opportunities for vo
  • 21F.714 Spanish for Bilingual Students, Spring 2003
    Spanish for Bilingual Students is an intermediate course designed principally for heritage learners,
  • 21F.716 Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature, Spring 2005
    This course studies important twentieth century texts from Spain and Latin America. The readings inc
  • 21F.717 Introduction to Spanish Culture, Fall 2004
    This course has several purposes. The major concern will be the examination of Spanish culture inclu
  • 21F.730 Twentieth and Twentyfirst-Century Spanish American Literature, Spring 2003
    Este semestre la materia combina obras ya canonizadas de finales del siglo XIX y del XX con algunas
  • 21F.740 The New Spain: 1977-Present, Fall 2005
    This course deals with the vast changes in Spanish social, political, and cultural life that have ta