Instructional Technology

  • INST7150 – Advanced Topics in Learning Object Design and Reuse, Fall 2005
    This course is designed to help you understand and apply advanced topics in the design, creation, an
  • INST5400 – Computer Applications for Instruction and Training, Spring 2005
    Introduction to basic computer applications on a Macintosh computer, with special emphasis on softwa
  • INST7870 – Instructional Games, Spring 2005
    The goal of this course is to explore the field of instructional gaming through a survey of readings
  • INST5260 – Learn and Apply HTML, Spring 2005
    Welcome to Learn and Apply HTML, INST 5260. HTML is what tells the browser how to display your webpa
  • INST5240 – Producing Distance Education Resources, Spring 2005
    This course focuses on the production of resources (broadly interpreted) for use in online education
  • INST7150 – Understanding Online Interaction, Spring 2005
    This course is designed to provide an introductory level of understanding of the manner in which ind