Linguistics and Philosophy

  • 9.56J / 24.907J Abnormal Language, Fall 2004
    Introduction to the linguistic study of language pathology, concentrating on experimental approaches
  • 9.57J / 24.904J Language Acquisition, Fall 2001
    Covers the major results in the study of first language acquisition concentrating on the development
  • 9.591J / 24.945J Language Processing, Fall 2004
    This course is a seminar in real-time language comprehension. It considers models of sentence and di
  • 9.59J / 24.905J Psycholinguistics, Spring 2005
    This course covers central topics in language processing, including: the structure of language; sent
  • 9.601J / 24.949J Language Acquisition I, Spring 2002
    Lectures, reading, and discussion of current theory and data concerning the psychology and biology o
  • 6.541J / 24.968J / HST.710J Speech Communication, Spring 2004
    6.541J surveys the structural properties of natural languages, with special emphasis on the sound pa
  • 6.542J / 24.966J / HST.712J Laboratory on the Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech, Fall 2005
    The course focuses on experimental investigations of speech processes. Topics include: measurement o
  • 24.00 Problems of Philosophy, Fall 2005
    The course has two main goals: First, to give you a sense of what philosophers think about and why.
  • 24.01 Classics in Western Philosophy, Spring 2006
    This course will introduce you to the Western philosophical tradition, through the study of major fi
  • 24.03 Relativism, Reason, and Reality, Spring 2005
    Are moral standards relative to cultures and/or moral frameworks? Are there incompatible or non-comp
  • 24.111 Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, Spring 2005
    Quantum mechanics–even in the ordinary, non-relativistic, \”particle\” formulation that will be the
  • 24.119 Mind and Machines, Spring 2005
    This course is an introduction to many of the central issues in a branch of philosophy called philos
  • 24.120 Moral Psychology, Fall 2005
    The course is an examination of philosophical theories of action and motivation in the light of empi
  • 24.200 Ancient Philosophy, Fall 2004
    This course will acquaint the student with some of the ancient Greek contributions to the Western ph
  • 24.201 Topics in the History of Philosophy: Kant, Fall 2005
    In this course we shall study the Critique of Pure Reason with special focus on questions about idea
  • 24.209 Philosophy In Film and Other Media, Spring 2004
    This course examines works of film in relation to thematic issues of philosophical importance that a
  • 24.211 Theory of Knowledge, Fall 2003
    This course focuses on the study of problems concerning our concept of knowledge, our knowledge of t
  • 24.213 Philosophy of Film, Fall 2004
    This course is a seminar on the philosophical analysis of film art, with an emphasis on the ways in
  • 24.221 Metaphysics: Free Will, Fall 2004
    This course is a study of free will. It explores the main topic through the lenses of the consequenc
  • 24.221 Metaphysics, Fall 2005
    This course focuses on the study of basic metaphysical issues concerning existence, the mind-body pr
  • 24.241 Logic I, Fall 2005
    This course provides an introduction to the aims and techniques of formal logic. Logic is the scienc
  • 24.242 Logic II, Spring 2004
    This course begins with an introduction to the theory of computability, then proceeds to a detailed
  • 24.251 Introduction to Philosophy of Language, Spring 2005
    In this introductory course on the philosophy of language, we examine views on the nature of meaning
  • 24.251 Introduction to Philosophy of Language, Spring 2006
    This course is an introduction to the philosophy of language. It examines different views on the nat
  • 24.261 Philosophy of Love in the Western World, Fall 2004
    This course is a seminar on the nature of love and sex, approached as topics both in philosophy and
  • 24.262 Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology, Spring 2004
    This course is a seminar on creativity in art, science, and technology. We discuss how these pursuit
  • 24.263 The Nature of Creativity, Fall 2005
    This course is an introduction to problems about creativity as it pervades human experience and beha
  • 24.264 Film as Visual and Literary Mythmaking, Fall 2005
    This course examines problems in the philosophy of film as well as literature studied in relation to
  • 24.400 Proseminar in Philosophy I, Fall 2003
    An intensive seminar on the foundations of analytic philosophy for first-year graduate students.
  • 24.500 Other Minds, Spring 2003
    This is a seminar on issues connected with the traditional \”problem of other minds\”. In addition t
  • 24.500 Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Self-Knowledge, Spring 2005
    This is a seminar on \”self-knowledge\” — knowledge of one\’s own mental states. In addition to rea
  • 24.900 Introduction to Linguistics, Spring 2004
    This class will provide some answers to basic questions about the nature of human language. Througho
  • 24.900 Introduction to Linguistics, Spring 2005
    This core-curriculum linguistics class will provide some answers to basic questions about the nature
  • 24.901 Language and its Structure I: Phonology, Fall 2002
    24.901 is designed to give you a preliminary understanding of how the sound systems of different lan
  • 24.902 Language and its Structure II: Syntax, Fall 2003
    This course will acquaint you with some of the important results and ideas of the last half – centur
  • 24.903 / 24.933 Language and its Structure III: Semantics and Pragmatics, Spring 2005
    This course gives an introduction to the science of linguistic meaning. There are two branches to th
  • 24.910 Topics in Linguistics Theory, Spring 2003
    I realize that \”Modes of Assertion\” is a rather cryptic title for the course. What we will explore
  • 24.919 Topics in Linguistics: Creole Languages and Caribbean Identities, Spring 2004
    The Creole languages spoken in the Caribbean are linguistic by-products of the historical events tri
  • 24.942 Grammar of a Less Familiar Language, Spring 2003
    This course is designed to allow participants to engage in the exploration of the grammatical struct
  • 24.946 Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language, Fall 2004
    This course is a detailed examination of the grammar of Japanese and its structure which is signific
  • 24.951 Introduction to Syntax, Fall 2003
    This course is concerned with the concepts and principles which have been of central significance in
  • 24.953 Argument Structure and Syntax, Spring 2003
    This course is a detailed investigation of the major issues and problems in the study of lexical arg
  • 24.954 Pragmatics in Linguistic Theory, Fall 2004
    The course introduces formal theories of context-dependency, presupposition, implicature, context-ch
  • 24.961 Introduction to Phonology, Fall 2002
    The year-long Introduction to Phonology reviews at the graduate level fundamental notions of phonolo
  • 24.962 Advanced Phonology, Spring 2005
    This course focuses on phonological phenomena that are sensitive to morphological structure, includi
  • 24.964 Topics in Phonology, Fall 2004
    This course introduces students to the theory and practice of modeling phonology, with an empirical
  • 24.973 Advanced Semantics, Spring 2005
    This course is the second of the three parts of our graduate introduction to semantics. The others a
  • 24.979 Topics in Semantics, Fall 2002
    This seminar will investigate the expression of gradability, comparison and degree in natural langua