Media Arts and Sciences

  • 2.717J / MAS.857J Optical Engineering, Spring 2002
    This course concerns the theory and practice of optical methods in engineering and system design, wi
  • MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design, Spring 2003
    This class introduces principles of analysis and synthesis in the computational medium. Expressive e
  • MAS.160 Signals, Systems, and Information for Media Technology, Fall 2001
    Fundamentals of signals and information theory with emphasis on modeling audio/visual messages and p
  • MAS.450 Holographic Imaging, Spring 2003
    MAS.450 is a laboratory course about holography and holographic imaging.This course teaches holograp
  • MAS.622 / 1.126J Pattern Recognition & Analysis, Fall 2000
    Fundamentals of characterizing and recognizing patterns and features of interest in numerical data.
  • MAS.630 Affective Computing, Spring 2002
    This course explores computing that relates to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotion. Top
  • MAS.712 How to Learn (Almost) Anything, Spring 2001
    As the digital revolution brings with it radical changes in how and what we learn, people must conti
  • MAS.742 Industrial Design Intelligence: A Cognitive Approach to Engineering, Fall 2003
    This class investigates cognitive science and technology as it is applied to the industrial design p
  • MAS.845 Special Topics in Cinematic Storytelling, Spring 2004
    This seminar explores approaches to representation for distributed cinematic storytelling. The relat
  • MAS.863 How to Make (Almost) Anything, Fall 2002
    This course provides a hands-on introduction to the resources for designing and fabricating smart sy
  • MAS.878 / MAS.478 Special Topics in Multimedia Production: Experiences in Interactive Art, Fall 2003
    This class deals with interactive art. Visiting artists will discuss their work from a theoretical a
  • MAS.961 Designing Sociable Media, Spring 2001
    This course is about social life in the on-line world. Its focus is on how the design of the interfa
  • MAS.961 Seminar on Deep Engagement, Fall 2004
    Innovation in expression, as realized in media, tangible objects, performance and more, genera
  • MAS.961 Numeric Photography, Fall 1998
    The aim of the students from the Numeric Photography class at the MIT Media Laboratory was to presen
  • MAS.961 Ambient Intelligence, Spring 2005
    This course will provide an overview of a new vision for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in which p
  • MAS.962 Digital Typography, Fall 1997
    This class introduces studies in the algorithmic manipulation of type as word, symbol, and form. Pro
  • MAS.962 Special Topics in Media Technology: Computational Semantics, Fall 2002
    How do words get their meanings? How can word meanings be represented and used by machines? We will
  • MAS.962 The Nature of Constructionist Learning, Spring 2003
    This course examines the philosophical and theoretical foundations of constructionism as a paradigm
  • MAS.963 Technological Tools for School Reform, Fall 2005
    This course explores the potential impact of modern technologies on the school reforms debate. The f
  • MAS.963 Out of Context: A Course on Computer Systems That Adapt To, and Learn From, Context, Fall 2001
    Increasingly, we are realizing that to make computer systems more intelligent and responsive to user
  • MAS.963 Ambient Intelligence, Spring 2004
    This course focuses on Ambient Intelligence, and how it envisions a world where people are surrounde
  • MAS.963 Techno-identity: Who we are and how we perceive ourselves and others, Spring 2002
    The nature of human identity – how we think of ourselves, how we perceive others – is a mutable conc
  • MAS.964 Common Sense Reasoning for Interactive Applications, Fall 2002
    This course will explore the state of the art in common sense knowledge, and class projects will des
  • MAS.965 Social Visualization, Fall 2004
    Millions of people are on-line today and the number is rapidly growing – yet this virtual crowd is o
  • MAS.965 Special Topics in Media Technology: Cooperative Machines, Fall 2003
    This course examines the issues, principles, and challenges toward building machines that cooperate
  • MAS.965 Relational Machines, Spring 2005
    This course examines the issues, principles, and challenges toward building relational machines thro