Music and Theater Arts

  • 21L.423 / 21M.223J Introduction to Anglo-American Folkmusic, Fall 2002
    This subject will introduce students to scholarship about folk music of the British Isles and North
  • 21L.703 / 21M.714 Studies in Drama: Theater and Science in a Time of War, Spring 2005
    This course explores the creation (and creativity) of the modern scientific and cultural world throu
  • 21M.011 Introduction to Western Music, Spring 2006
    This course gives a broad overview of Western music from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, with e
  • 21M.065 Introduction to Musical Composition, Fall 2005
    Through a progressive series of composition projects, this course investigates the sonic organizatio
  • 21M.113 Developing Musical Structures, Fall 2002
    The goal of this class is practical: to interrogate, make explicit, and thus to develop th
  • 21M.263 Music Since 1960, Spring 2006
    This course begins with the premise that the 1960s mark a great dividing point in the history of 20t
  • 21M.293 Music of Africa, Fall 2005
    This course is an introduction to selected musical traditions of West Africa. A variety of musical p
  • 21M.294 Popular Musics of the World, Spring 2005
    This course focuses on popular music, i.e. music created for and transmitted by mass media. Various
  • 21M.301 Harmony and Counterpoint I, Spring 2005
    In this subject we will study the basic harmonic, melodic, and formal practices of western music, pr
  • 21M.302 Harmony and Counterpoint II, Spring 2005
    In this subject, we explore the harmonic, melodic, and formal practices of western music, principall
  • 21M.361 Composing with Computers, Spring 2003
    In this course we will use computers and computer-aided technology as compositional tools, that is,
  • 21M.410 Vocal Repertoire and Performance, Spring 2005
    The primary focus of this Vocal Repertoire and Performance course is placed upon the works of Africa
  • 21M.603 Principles of Design, Fall 2005
    This course deals with advanced design theories and textual analysis. Emphasis is placed on script a
  • 21M.604 Playwriting I, Spring 2005
    This class introduces the craft of writing for the theater. Through weekly assignments, in class wri
  • 21M.606 Introduction to Stagecraft, Spring 2003
    Offered annually in the spring term, Introduction to Stagecraft is a hands-on course that gets stude
  • 21M.621 Theater and Cultural Diversity in the U.S., Spring 2004
    This course explores contemporary American theatrical expression as it may be organized around issue
  • 21M.675 Dance Theory and Composition, Fall 2003
    This course introduces students to the art and formal ideologies of contemporary dance. We explore t
  • 21M.710 Script Analysis, Fall 2005
    This class focuses on reading a script theatrically with a view to mounting a coherent production. T
  • 21M.732 Costume Design for the Theater, Fall 2004
    This is an intermediate workshop designed for students who have a basic understanding of the princip
  • 21M.734 Lighting Design for the Theatre, Fall 2003
    This class explores the artistry of Lighting Design. Students gain an overall technical working
  • 21M.734 / 21M.733 Design for the Theater: Scenery, Spring 2005
    This course will examine theory of scenic design as currently practiced, as well as historical tradi
  • 21M.735 Technical Design: Scenery, Mechanisms, and Special Effects, Spring 2004
    This class looks at the special structural and practical needs of theatrical scenery and effects and
  • 21M.775 Hip Hop, Spring 2003
    This course explores the political and aesthetic foundations of hip hop. It traces the musical, corp
  • 21M.873 Theater Arts Topics, Fall 2004 – January (IAP) 2005
    Directed practice in acting, directing, or design on a sustained theater piece, either one-act or fu