Special Programs

  • 21A.216J / SP.622J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good?, Spring 2005
    This course is an introduction to the cross-cultural study of bio-medical ethics. It examines moral
  • 21A.225J / SP.621J Violence, Human Rights, and Justice, Fall 2004
    This course examines the contemporary problem of political violence and the way that human rights ha
  • 21A.231J / SP.455J Gender, Sexuality, and Society, Spring 2006
    This course seeks to examine how people experience gender – what it means to be a man or a woman – a
  • 21A.350J / SP.484J / STS.086J The Anthropology of Computing, Fall 2004
    This course examines computers anthropologically, as meaningful tools revealing the social and cultu
  • 21A.460J / SP.620J Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora, Spring 2005
    This course provides an exploration of colonial and postcolonial clashes between theories of healing
  • 21F.067J / SP.608J Cultural Performances of Asia, Fall 2005
    This course examines cultural performances of Asia, including both traditional and contemporary form
  • 21H.153J / 21F.069J / SP.603J Race and Gender in Asian America, Spring 2006
    This seminar is an interdisciplinary examination of the intersection of race and gender in Asian Ame
  • 21H.927J / SP.610J The Economic History of Work and Family, Spring 2005
    This course will explore the relation of women and men in both pre-industrial and modern societies t
  • 21L.430 / CMS.920 / SP.492 Popular Narrative: Masterminds, Fall 2004
    Our purpose is to consider some of the most elaborate and thoughtful efforts to define and delineate
  • 21L.705 / SP.512 Major Authors: After the Masterpiece: Novels by Melville, Twain, Faulkner, and Morrison, Fall 2006
    This seminar provides intensive study of exciting texts by four influential American authors. In stu
  • 17.007J / 17.006 / 24.237 / SP.601J Feminist Political Thought, Spring 2006
    This course is designed as a focused survey of feminist political thought and theory, exploring the
  • SP.240 / ESG.SP240 Composing Your Life: Exploration of Self through Visual Arts and Writing, Spring 2006
    In this interdisciplinary seminar, we explore a variety of visual and written tools for self explora
  • SP.246 / ESG.SP246 Current Events and Social Issues, Fall 2004
    The goal of this seminar is to have open discussions of controversial political and social issues an
  • SP.251 / PE.920 PE for ME, Spring 2005
    The sensing, thinking, moving body is the basis of our experience in the world; it is the very found
  • SP.253 / ESG.SP253 AIDS and Poverty in Africa, Spring 2005
    This is a discussion-based interactive seminar on the two major issues that affect Sub-Saharan Afric
  • SP.259 / ESG.SP259 Information and Communication Technology in Africa, Spring 2006
    This is a discussion-based, interactive seminar on the development of information and communication
  • SP.260 / ESG.SP260 Women’s Novels: A Weekly Book Club, Spring 2006
    This pass/fail seminar should be a fun setting where we can all enjoy a love of good books together.
  • SP.261 / ESG.SP261 Poetry in Translation, Spring 2006
    This seminar addresses the inherent challenges of translating poetry from different languages, cultu
  • SP.287 / 5.S15 / ESG.SP287 Kitchen Chemistry, Spring 2006
    This seminar is designed to be an experimental and hands-on approach to applied chemistry (as seen i
  • SP.298 / ESG.SP298 Art of Color, Spring 2005
    This seminar introduces, through studio projects, the basic principles regarding the use of color in
  • SP.721 D-Lab: Development, Dialogue and Delivery, Fall 2004
    D-Lab is a year-long series of courses and field trips. The fall class provides a basic background i
  • SP.722 D-Lab: Development, Design and Dissemination, Spring 2005
    D-Lab: Development, Design and Dissemination is a design studio course in which students work o
  • SP.724 Prototypes to Products, Fall 2005
    For students and teams who have started a sustainable-development project in D-Lab (SP.721, SP.722),
  • SP.764 / SP.765 Practical Electronics, Fall 2004
    You can build a wide range of practical electronic devices if you understand a few basic electronics
  • SP.769 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems, Fall 2004
    This class will study the behavior of photovoltaic solar energy systems, focusing on the behavior of
  • SP.772 Internet Technology in Local and Global Communities, Spring 2005 – Summer 2005
    This course is based on the work of the MIT-African Internet Technology Initiative (MIT-AITI). MIT-A
  • SP.776 / SP.786 Design for Demining, Spring 2005
    Humanitarian Demining is the process of detecting, removing and disposing of landmines. Millions of
  • SP.777 Water Jet Technologies, Spring 2005
    In this Public Service Design Seminar (PSDS), we will design and build products with developmentally
  • SP.778 Toy Product Design, Spring 2006
    This course is an introduction to the product design process with an emphasis on designing for child
  • SP.783 Engineering Capacity in Community-Based Healthcare, Fall 2005
    This multidisciplinary seminar addresses fundamental issues in global health faced by community-base