Women’s Studies

  • 21A.218J / SP.454J / WMN.454J Identity and Difference, Fall 2002
    How can the individual be at once cause and consequence of society, a unique agent of social action
  • 21A.230J / SP.456J / WMN.456J The Contemporary American Family, Spring 2004
    We begin by considering briefly the evolution of the family, its cross-cultural variability, and its
  • 21A.338J / SP.457J / WMN.457J Gender, Power, and International Development, Fall 2003
    After decades of efforts to promote development, why is there so much poverty in the world? What are
  • 21F.022J / SP.461J / WMN.461J International Women’s Voices, Spring 2004
    International Women��s Voices has several objectives. It introduces students to a variety of wo
  • 21H.225J / SP.607J / WMN.607J Gender and the Law in U.S. History, Spring 2004
    This subject explores the legal history of the United States as a gendered system. It examines how w
  • 21L.460 / SP.514 / WMN.514 Medieval Literature: Medieval Women Writers, Spring 2004
    This survey provides a general introduction to medieval European literature (from Late Antiquity to
  • 21L.512 / SP.517 / WMN.517 American Authors: American Women Authors, Spring 2003
    This subject, cross-listed in Literature and Women\’s Studies, examines a range of American women au
  • 21L.701 / SP.430 / WMN.430 Literary Interpretation: Virginia Woolf’s Shakespeare, Spring 2001
    How does one writer use another writer\’s work? Does it matter if one author has been dead 300
  • 21L.705 / SP.512 / WMN.512 Major Authors: Melville and Morrison, Fall 2003
    This seminar provides intensive study of texts by two American authors (Herman Melville, 1819-1891,
  • 21M.670 / SP.472 / WMN.472 Traditions in American Concert Dance: Gender and Autobiography, Spring 2003
    This course explores the forms, contents, and contexts of world traditions in dance that played a cr
  • 17.118J / SP.412J / WMN.412J Feminist Political Thought, Fall 2000
    This course focuses on a range of theories of gender in modern life. In recent years feminist s
  • SP.401 / WMN.401 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, Spring 2005
    This course is designed as an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women\’s and Gender Stu
  • SP.406 / WMN.406 Sexual and Gender Identities, Fall 2005
    This course introduces scholarly debates about sexual identities, gender identities and expressions,
  • SP.694 / WMN.694 Issues of Representation: Women, Representation, and Music in Selected Folk Traditions of the British Isles and North America, Fall 2005
    This subject investigates the special relation of women to several musical folk traditions in the Br